Posted by: normanlgreen | January 26, 2012

Dream, January 26, 2012 abandoned ship, water of life

Dream, home, 5:15 am

A sailing ship floats in calm waters. I approach it in a row-boat, with several others who have come to explore the abandoned ship.

The light is flat and the fog hangs so close to the ship that it is as though walls close in around it. Not a single sail is in place.

The men are silent, respectful as we climb aboard. Our boots clatter on the deck. The man in charge of this salvage is an old captain, while I am second in command. The other men are dressed in heavy long coats. The captain is most interested in finding if the crew that abandoned the ship left any liquor behind. Somehow I know already the state of the stores – almost everything that could be consumed has been removed. The disappearance of the crew is a mystery, but we do not explore it.

The captain wants whiskey. I know he will be disappointed, but try to comfort him with the information that there will be three bottles of a different beverage: one aged to 10 years, one to 20 years, and one to 30 years. The oldest bottle will be mellow and smooth.

I reach into a barrel with a few nearly empty bottles at its bottom. I pull out a clear bottle with a splash of amber swishing around the bottom. I hand it to the captain who makes a guttural sound of disappointment. I then pull out a nearly full bottle. Its glass is tinted a light green/blue.

This is the water of life in the 30 year bottle.

I pour the liquid into two glasses just enough to fill the hand. Handing on to the captain, I sip from the other. It does not taste of alcohol, but has a soft bite, like a dry mead with a dash of salt. It warms the belly, and I wonder if it will affect us like liquor.



  1. Different. I liked it. Has its own cozy feel to it.

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