Posted by: normanlgreen | February 4, 2012

Dream, February 4, 2012 ice sailing

In a late winter landscape, a river is frozen solid, though the snow on the banks has the large crystals of melt and refreeze. Gray grass from the previous year shows where the snow has been blown away.

A 15 foot sailboat rests in the snow bank. I must travel up the river, so decide to skate the boat. I push the boat onto the river ice and raise the sail. As strong wind from down river pushes the boat toward the low sun of the morning sky. Though I have pulled up the dagger board, the keel still comes to something of a point at the center line, so balancing is tricky. With the sun in my eyes, the challenge of keeping upright is greater.

The further I sail/skate up river, the steeper the incline, until finally I find myself at the top of a tall staircase. I get out of the boat and onto the landing. There I meet a red-haired woman who must get to her own wedding party. I think this must be why I had to come so far upriver. She has witchy powers and will be putting them to use at the wedding.  But for now, she prefers to travel with my help, using the sailboat. I look down the staircase. Walls have closed in on the sides, so I am concerned with having room to tack back and forth to control the downhill speed.  I point the bow down the stairs and we two step into the boat and prepare to push-off.


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