Posted by: normanlgreen | February 5, 2012

Dream, February 5, 2012 is swordfish the password?

Dream, home, 8:12 am

I drive through a neighborhood on the fringe of a college campus. This part of the city is built on a hill. I am frustrated and cannot find a place to leave my car near my home.  The streets are tree-lined, with heavy leaves shading the alley from the sun.  But the street it intersects is wide enough and runs East to West, so the sun shines on its concrete surface. I rare sunlight, but I am fuming at my inconvenience.  should be cheered by the Leaving the engine running at the corner of an alley that opens onto an arterial street, I walk back to the house to see if anyone can move their car to free up a space for me.

Back at the house, a woman has an important message for me: my sister-in-law has launched a restaurant in a city to the south and someone has ordered swordfish, which she does not have in stock. The inference is that I am to get some and drive it down to her – however, this was not confirmed, only inferred. I ask repeatedly if anyone actually said that I am to perform the errand. No one is sure.

I walk back to where I left the running car. It has been removed. The campus security towed or drove it away. No one seem sure where the impound lot is located. There is a rumor that it is half a mile down the hill. The sun stays low in the western sky, but I know I am losing time and must get swordfish.  I am frustrated with myself for losing the car.

Back to the house, I ask for someone with a telephone will confirm that I am to buy swordfish. Instead I am told the nature of the restaurant is that there is no menu, so no way to anticipate what will be ordered. This still does not clarify whether I am to find and deliver the fish. I insist that someone call. The woman dials rapidly, then hands her cell phone to me.

My niece answers with a sleepy voice. I realize that she is not even on the same continent. Yet I ask: “Are you with your mother?” “No,” she answers, “Mom is back in the States.” I apologize and tell her to go back to sleep.

Rounding the west end of the house, I spot an acquaintance who works for the commercial radio stations. He picks up some long grass that he has trimmed from the fence line. He has on old dog with him. The woman whispers to me that the radio/lawn man is concerned about the dog losing weight. He hugs the dog, then lifts in onto an old wagon and describes for us complicated coordination food, affirming talk and exercise that is needed to keep his dog alive. No one else is capable of getting it right.

There is no way that I can get that fish to the restaurant in time – surely they have eaten something else by now.



  1. I enjoyed today’s post very much. Thanks for sharing.

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  2. That was a very enjoyable read 🙂 I have updated my blog post that you commented on. You may find the update quite interesting.

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