Posted by: normanlgreen | February 6, 2012

Dream, February 6, 2012 Brando’s retreat

Dream, home, 5:20 am

A huge land auction has been arranged for some rural properties owned by Marlon Brando. Somewhere up on the northern California coast, thousands of bidders have come by invitation only. Many are minor celebrities or people from the production end on the movie business.

In fact, the whole thing is something of a sham to sully the reputation and ego of one producer. The throng marches through the woods, wine glasses in hand, examining the properties and the neighborhood.

The producer, the target of the prank, has been invited at a slightly later hour, and with delays, he arrives just as the bidding begins. He is determined to win, so he drives the price up without having viewed the property itself. Just as he is been given the deed to the property, I examine a bundle of returned invitations. I point out to the auctioneers that we will be able to retrieve $650 in postage. We then walk around the property with the new owner. He is shocked to learn that he has paid a painfully high price for a 600 foot weekend cabin that is surrounded by identical cabins occupied by people beneath his social station. I try to cheer him with the news that he could by the adjacent cabin for one tenth of the money has has laid out for Brando’s retreat.  Cold comfort.

Later, Paul Simon filming a promotional video for a song he recorded thirty-five years ago. How he keeps his choir in tune, using only an un-amplified guitar, is a mystery to me. He is surprisingly approachable and easy to work with.  He helps the choir members to position themselves on the sandstone cliffs and takes direction well. There is some co-relation between the structure of the song – particularly the bridge – and a folded map that I hold in my hand.


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