Posted by: normanlgreen | February 8, 2012

Dream from February 8, 2011- school girls join the orchestra

It feels like a WW II era movie (even the colors are nearly washed out) with two young women sitting in with a big band. The girl singer is there at the invitation of a young man in the band, her “plain” friend also sits in on trombone. The big number is done and all the band is enthusiastic about these kids.

The band leader walks onto stage with his wire rim glasses and strong profile. He locks eyes with the trombonist girl who wears glasses that match. She may be 15 and he is at least thirty, but this is the movies and the forties as well, so it is love at first sight.

The four of them go on a bender before the men are deployed overseas. The two good, wholesome kids are tanked the next morning as they pass a group of their school friends. Harsh judgments are passed by their former peers.

The young women, now more worldly than their old school friends, decided to make another day and night of it. I walk behind them on the boardwalk. I am in the company of our old friend Jill Roper. I say to her that following them and having that little distance makes it “like a play” I can judge them as characters without having to feel the need to defend or condemn them.


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