Posted by: normanlgreen | February 13, 2012

Dream, February 13, 2012 re-route the flood

Dream, home, 5:15 am

Basement flood – combination of Sherwood Park, Keith road and the Bellingham basement. Unfinished concrete walls show leaking cracks. On closer examination, the water sprays me. Outside, the gutters are ove- flowing and the lawn is not visible beneath the current of water flowing past the North end of the house. I move a a jagged piece of granite which has been burried before a diversion wall and the water flows away, taking much of the sandy soil. The sun starts to penetrate the clouds.

Down in the basement, I go to the pickle room at the North end. It has been tidied up, and there is less water on the uneven concrete floor than in some of the rooms, yet the sump pump has been unplugged and stored in the Southwest corner, its cord wrapped around it. The hoses are missing. I start shrieking my wife’s name. Even I could not make out the meaning of the word for the rage.


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