Posted by: normanlgreen | February 16, 2012

Dream, February 16, 2012 tavern parking and early dismissal

Dream, home, 5:22 am

We have stopped along a two lane highway West of Little Rock. The group I travel with checks into a simple hotel. I am frustrated by something a decide to part ways with my companions.

I exit the two-story building and find the parking lot out back has become crowded with cars. The hotel shares parking with a tavern in a shack. I try to maneuver my car from the lot, but people have parked at odd angles. The tightly packed space is further complicated by the presence of iron posts that are planted in the gravel lot. The posts have been painted many times, still rust shows through. I think these may be the remnants of a drive-in theatre. More cars arrive with Friday night bar traffic. The people aren’t trying to frustrate me, so I am not angry with them.

I abandon the car and walk up to a well-kept school-house. The community takes pride in this landmark, which was built just after the first world war. It stands with neat lines – the brick has recently been painted milk chocolate with ocher trim. I enter through the South side door and am surprised to find there are still students at this hour. I climb wide stairs to the top floor. A young woman on the staff smiles and points me toward the far corner where I can expect an exit. The open room smells of chalk dust. I fail to find the way out, so make my way down to the front lobby. The kids and the staff have gathered there, to wait for the Principal to signal them that they may leave. I start to push toward the front of the crowd, thinking that I will slip out. I re-think the injustice of this, and fade back into the group. The tall curly-haired principal stands smiling between the kids and the front door. Everyone is excited because the hands of the white-faced clock say that it is only 3:20, yet they are about to be released.


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