Posted by: normanlgreen | February 22, 2012

Dream, February 21, 2012 pantomime wedding party

Dream, home, 5:24 am

Riding in a car through the Quapaw Quarter in Little Rock, pointing to houses where I have lived.  There has been deep restoration to the Scott street house – the corner turret has been rounded and shingled in the Queen Anne style.  Painters work on scaffolds.

We end up in downtown Waco. I sit in the car waiting on a greyhound bus.  I am younger, late teen to early twenties, as is the guy who gave me the ride.  Parking lot of a scruffy convenience store – do we wait at a gas pump?  Someone pulls up near us and gets out to make a shady deal with my friend.  I want nothing to do with it, so leave, walking to a street corner near the bus station.

There a lot of young people in burlesque wedding costumes — padded shoulders on the pantomime bride make her look as though she were crossed with a football half-back.   Young man dressed as an older woman with a huge bustle – the mother of the bride.  A boxy groom in corrugated cardboard colored with black wall paint.

As I watch them bounce around on the sidewalk, I realize that my mother was to bring my belongings downtown so that I would have clothes and things to sell as I traveled.  Now I will have to get a ride out into the country where she lives, and lose a day’s travel time.  I remember an earlier incident when I quietly sneak into her apartment to surprise her.  I see her back, but do not recall the moment of surprise.  Was she frightened, angry or pleased?

In downtown Bellingham, vandals have been striking the building of a capital investment firm, each night pulling away portions of the lighted signage that hangs within easy reach.  I see the rough patches on the stucco wall where lighted letters were formerly mounted.  One of the brokerage firm’s staff drives me over to Ohio Street to a branch office that doubles as a luxury car rental.  The light gets dim as the sun sets.  I see Chris F. and another man trolling the parking lot like used car salesmen.


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