Posted by: normanlgreen | February 26, 2012

vault dream, February 13, 2010 musical espionage

Dream 02 13 2010

This morning ‘s dream had me identifying other spies by musical “passtones”. If I were to strike a particular tone, the other operative would answer in a harmony. So depending on which note in the scale I hit, say a third, the respondent would have to answer with the correct note, otherwise he would fail the Shibboleth. Each time it would start from a different position on the scale and the response would be different, yet always musical and pleasing. This happened several times, as I would go deeper into the intrigue. I wish I could remember what it was about, but security seemed very high.

This could be used in a story about composers of an era who double in espionage – say bop musicians (who would almost certainly need perfect pitch to play with one another) fighting nazis. Or the late classical, early romantic composers, who would be funnier but less hip. Maybe it is a tradition that is handed down in the same way that music itself is brought from one generation to another – especially true in the pre-recorded eras.


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