Posted by: normanlgreen | March 5, 2012

Dream, March 5, 2012, gravity, termites, and the self-absorbed

Dream, home, 5.28 am

I have built a house with the second story held in place by gravity and superglue. While my wife is out of town, I decide to spin the top floor 90 degrees. Worry about coming wind storm.

Travel to Randy H’s country place. Clearing fallen branches, some have been there for years. Shorten them with a hatchet to make firewood.. The more I use the tiny ax, the smaller and less effective it becomes. Later wood is less dry and harder to split. We turn over a coin shaped section of a log – nine inches a cross. Ants or perhaps termite swarm. Randy decides they are not termites. We squash the flying ants with the flat of the hatchet blade.

Later: Standing on an urban corner on a bright morning. I watch a child dodge into a street. A van barrels around the opposite corner, cutting off my view of the child, but I think I glimpse him being drawn under the wheels of the speeding van. When the van travels on, there is no sign of the boy, though there appears to be a crushed toy near the curb. I run across the street to see if I can find the child – he may have been knocked into the wide sewer grate. I still do not see the little boy, but feel I should call 911. My cell phone frustrates me (2nd night in a row), but I see a well-healed professional man – mid-level executive in his mid-level twenties. He is also dialing, so I give up the struggle with my own phone and feel confident that help will be on the way. Instead I overhead an inane conversation having nothing to do with the traffic accident – plans to meet a a sports bar. Though there is no evidence, I am certain that a child was injured. I say something hateful to the young exec – reference to some popular culture character of shallow nature, who may only exist in this dream realm: Charlie Jackson Syndrome.


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