Posted by: normanlgreen | March 16, 2012

Dream, March 16, 2012 pigtail wiring and threatening guinea pig

Dream, home, 6:20 am

I have gone to work with a crew of electricians who will divide into two teams to replace hardware at junction boxes that line a rural road.

Much time spent in advance of the field work – preparing wires, attaching them to the hardware we will install, planning and verifying inventory counts, before we set out. I have concerns about my partner, who seems lazy, though fun to hang around with.

White, long haired Guinea pig with carcinoma resembling magenta marbles implanted in his head and back – seriously trying to get my attention to demonstrate that this is his territory. My partner helps to shoe him away. Does the creature go back into the hole in the sandstone boulder, or is he taken off and killed? My partner leans against the rock. I believe he is transforming into Bugs Bunny.

As their van slowly rolls down the road, the other team tosses one foot coils of romex cable to the shoulder of the road at intervals so they will have their supplies in place as they work their way back toward our base camp.

I find I am without wire cutters. Seems like a basic tool, not one to be forgotten given the scope of work.

Little man looks like an anime character scampers around as I work with my hands inside a metal juncture box. He shrinks further and climbs into the metal housing, twists his hair that runs from electric blue at his scalp to silver at the tips. I further twist his hair into a pointed tangle then join it to the wire that is established inside the housing. I cut a short piece of electrical tape and place it near their joining point. He spins rapidly in place , drawing the tape tight to hold the wire to his hair. I suspect that this is going to be a lengthy process.


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