Posted by: normanlgreen | March 20, 2012

Dream, March 20, 2012 throwing the flaming hammer

Dream, home, 6:19 am

Defending a veranda on the side of a house. The sky is so dark with clouds that I can tell neither the hour nor the direction I am facing.

We lob objects into a stumpy field in front of us. Gradually I come to see the outposts of the attackers, barricades built of the stumps, of sod, of sticks and mud.

A flaming canister on a chain flies towards the house, but overshoots the veranda and lands in the grass ten feet past us. I pick up the chain and swing the canister around my head – whoosh- whoosh, whoosh. The circle it spins is wobbly, and I have doubt about my accuracy. I think of the Olympic hammer toss — wee geordie in the movie.

More objects fly towards us, so I let go of the chain as the canister is about to reach the furthest forward point in the circle.


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