Posted by: normanlgreen | March 23, 2012

Dream, March 23, 2012 disclosing the African mission

Dream, home, 5;05 am

No one is interested in bankrolling my documentary film on the New York punk bands of the middle 1970’s. Instead, I end up on a film crew in a boat that creeps along the entire coast of Africa.

We start in the Indian Ocean, and with a camera pointed toward shore, we record every single inch of the journey. I feel that there is a secret mission being undertaken under the guise of the filming. The trip is so slow, as though we drag our anchor.

As we complete the circumnavigation of the continent, I realize that we have cut along the shore line with what amounts to an outsized can opener. We return to our starting point, and the released lid of the continent lifts away. Beneath the jungle land, is a fresh water lake – clear, cool and reflecting the perfect blue of the sky above it.


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