Posted by: normanlgreen | March 29, 2012

Dream, March 29, 2011 – vaulted hippy meadow

In an alpine meadow. A valley near the Shuksan Arm. I have been sent to fetch something or prepare for a gathering.

There is a semi hippie couple sitting on lawn furniture near an old van. It is a beautiful bright day with meadow flowers and grasses of intense color. Sometimes I see the layout from the air, but I settle in beside the couple to check in with them. They are very easy-going, wearing dark glasses while they sun themselves. A woman in her late fifties shows up and I point her toward a patch of land the has been dug up to prepare a garden space for her to grow vegetables. I turn back to the couple as a building forms around us.

There are now many people come for a discussion to the room with ivory colored walls . Folks sit on couches and folding chairs. At times the electric lighting dims and people speak soft objections. The lights return, first in one half of the room and then the other. It turns out that the first couple are playing with dimmer switches, messing with people’s heads. With so many people in attendance, it is starting to get messy.

I propose a contest with rewards for those who contribute to the clean up. If a short time there are very few people left, though the place is notably more tidy. Those who remain play a complicated four-part bridge game with gambling. They play quietly and take the stakes very seriously.


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