Posted by: normanlgreen | April 3, 2012

Dream, April 2, 2012 jumble

Dream, home, 5:34 am

Called to pay a visit to Dave’s radio station. Double park in a narrow strip of blacktop by the path for wheelchairs. While I wait to talk with him in his office/cubicle, Dave gives directions to his staff, forgets about me. They discuss a contest promotion.

Run out of time, so I return to the parking lot. The car has been replaced by a purple tricycle with a long front fork. Wander away. Night falls.

Return to Stephen’s unlocked and mostly empty house. Boxes suggest that someone has either moved out or just moved in.

By the kitchen sink, a baby takes a bath in the toilet. He sits very straight, with a strong neck – proportioned almost like an adult, yet perfectly hairless. Looks into my eyes and says: “Baff”.


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