Posted by: normanlgreen | April 4, 2012

Dream, April 4, 2012 social bumblers & glowing stickers

Dream, home, 4:50 am

In the front corner of a supermarket, there is a simple lunch counter next to the deli department. Outside the windows, the sky is dark with clouds. Inside there is the even, jarring light of too many florescent tubes.

A man in his early thirties stands behind the register. His unblinking eyes stare out through thick lens mounted in black plastic rims. A woman, a decade younger, approaches the register with a coffee and doughnut. The clerk pretends to be in conversation with someone who walks away from him. “Make sure,” he shouts, “you have someone with you – I don’t want you going off alone with him.” He waves to his imagined friend, then turns his attention to his young customer. “You just missed meeting my girlfriend.” The woman with the coffee, looks confused – she does not know the counter man, and is underwhelmed by his attempts to impress her.

In the middle of their transaction, the socially awkward clerk leaves for his break. Though I had been a customer, I step up to the register to take the woman’s money. There is a promotion with which the purchase of a coffee provides a coupon for a free doughnut. I peal the florescent orange sticker from the cup and attach it to a slip of register tape, then slide it into a slot in the front of the register drawer. I realize than no one else has been keeping these coupons, merely tossing them to the side, as they can be found stuck to the counter, the trash bin and the face of the cash register. My innovation will receive a mixed reaction from the people who work with me.


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