Posted by: normanlgreen | April 11, 2012

Dream, April 10, 2012 competing operas

Dream, home, 5;20 am

On a film crew to record a concert by a mid 70s art rock band. Each member is a multi-instrumentalist, so as each takes his turn singing his role, the others are able to cover the backing. They stage an opera that uses deathbed visits as a dramatic device to spin off into songs of reminiscence. As it is filmed in a concert setting, lighting is localized, with darkness surrounding the long haired heads of these serious young men.

Later an opera director stand with me on a scaffold above a street where rehearsals are being held. I operate a high speed scanner, given torn bits of paper to transform into the score. The director has a powerful tenor voice. He sings to his cast with great energy and joy.


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