Posted by: normanlgreen | April 15, 2012

Dream, April 15, 2012 it’s only work when something gets done

Dream, home 8:28 am

Irritating day at the shop:  Fishing jammed paper from within each of the printers – masses of stock left behind from previous problems. No one takes care of these things but me, I think with resentment.

I turn to one of the staff who sits on the far side of the laminator reading a paperback. I walk around the table between us and take the book into my hands and make as though I would tear the spine. He begs me not to do so – the book is borrowed. The spine gives way for a quarter-inch at the top. I hand it back.

In a moment, I need his attention again, but this time, he has put on headphones and cannot hear me call to him. I grab a pair of scissors from a coffee cup and march around behind his chair, take the wires leading to his headphones and crimp them with the dull scissors. As it seems unable to cut the leads, I simply tear them.

A stone-faced man enters from the front of the building. He waves some folded 11 x 17 sheets of 20# blue. I can see that streaks of deleted grayscale image run their length. White halos surround some of the boldest print. When his project was printed, there was some fault in the machinery that got past our eyes and into the customers hands.

“These are bad prints.” His voice is icy. He does not blink.

“Yes, I see. We will want to replace those. Were all of them defective?”

“These are bad prints,” he repeats.

“Yes, and we will replace them. It looks like there was a fluctuation in the current while your job was running. I’m sorry that we did not spot them before they got into your hands.”

“These are bad prints.”

“We have identified that problem, and I have offered a solution.”

“These are bad prints.”

“So what you are really saying is that you would like me to feel like a tool.”

He continues to stare me in the face.



  1. angry dream! lol

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