Posted by: normanlgreen | April 16, 2012

dream, April 16, 2012 coal trains, mold, & team formation

Dream, home 4:40 am

A boy (my son?)  likes to line up football trophies in a formation behind him to pretend he has a team. His friends start at a very early age following his directions to stage tiny games in a little space between a coffee table and a couch. As teens, they have been playing together for all of their conscious lives and are very skilled. The boy, now a man calls his team into his home for a meeting. Amongst those who join him in his living room is a very young Raul Julia. I am amazed to see him there and am tempted to ask him if he is who I suspect he is. It is the early 70s, so all the men wear their hair very long. Mr. Julia has his hair controlled with a wide bandana tied around his forehead.

Later: standing at a window in our living room, I explain what I know about how the coal train schedule will be changed if the city allowed the increased traffic. The window frame has been painted a dark blue, but this was some years ago. A mold has invaded and clouded the the paint in fuzzy white patterns. I never get around to bringing up how the twin train tracks will cut the people’s access to boulevard park.


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