Posted by: normanlgreen | April 20, 2012

Dream, April 20, 2012 public debate and novelty stores

Dream, home, 5:10 am

Walking to the graveyard with a notebook wrapped around a novel. Improvising a song and planning to sit beneath a tree. Had earlier parked a white Subaru along the road that winds around the east and south sides of the cemetery.

Big public meeting held outside to discuss the renovation of an old neighborhood. Developers know they will have a fight from the preservation faction. I ask the lead developer: how many of these houses will be saved? The answer is seven. The presenters will stand on a flatbed trailer to lead the discussion, but many in the crowd are fist pumping obstructionist. I think of all the little 1910 bungalows that will disappear I flash on the interior of one, stripped of furniture, but warm and serviceable. I want more information before I decide which side I am on. The crowd gets so thick that I have trouble finding a place for my right arm. I stretch it out behind the man beside me, but he looks as though he thinks I were to hug him. The meeting must be relocated. We are given a location on 23rd at Humbholt street.

Woman needs a ride. The crowd takes off in a string of cars, but we cannot locate my car – there are many other old white cars parked on the far side of the curved road, but none of them are mine.

A man joins us. He reminds me of Ray, so I describe to him (and improve upon) plots of films we made or planned to make as young men. I describe the recurring characters in this way: “You know how in Laurel & Hardy movies, the two guys believe they are smarter than they really are? With the Goldberg Brothers, they are smarter than they want the world to recognize, so they spend much of their time finding less efficient ways of not getting things done.” While we talk, we kneel at a sand pile and bury our lower halves, as kids might do (or as Luis Bunuel might do).

We give up on finding the car and wander to a little strip mall, which has become just that: exotic dancers club and a “novelty” store. Beside the novelty store is a little joke and magic shop. This we enter.


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