Posted by: normanlgreen | April 21, 2012

Dreeam, April 21, 2011 royal wedding & recovered guitar

A royal wedding wherein the bride is a control freak who re-choreographs the ceremony as it happens.  There is a single light source, a spot light upon her. Everyone trys to please her, but with little success. I am the assistant to an old noble. I have been following and doing his bidding for years. He is drugged or poisoned. There is a staged fire in his rooms to make it look like is death is an accident. There is a second wedding for the sister who is the opposite of the first bride, a very happy and cooperative person. Though the focus is still upon her, she does not make any special fuss about herself.

Later: Months ago, I left a cheap, old, solid body electric guitar down on Harris Avenue. I am homeless or nearly so. I have another errand that will take me down to that corner. I carry a heavy bag. When I reach the corner, I find among the bushes the gig bag with the old guitar inside of it. It has been stripped of its pickup, and only a single string (the a or the d) is in place. I pick up the case while another homeless guy watches. I want to see if I can sand the blistered finish from the instrument and bring it back to life. I think of all the flooding we have had, but remain optimistic – feel lucky to have found it. I feel as if I take it inappropriately. The guy watches me as I go back up the hill.


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