Posted by: normanlgreen | April 27, 2012

Dream, april 27, 2012 punctured spirit

Dream, home, 5:35 am

Driving through East Texas back roads to assist my father at a business he has founded. We go through records stored in files, alphabetical tabs having little to do with the contents. A pair of men are to come visit in consideration of buying the business from him. My dad is concerned about his assistant, that he will make a bad impression on the buyers. He asks me to send this man on a fool’s errand, to purchase some candy from a store that is many miles and many twisted roads away from us. I point out that there are closer store that I passed on my drive. He looks at me as though I were the second idiot in the room.

I find I am enrolled at a military academy with a navy influence. An awards ceremony takes place in a large gymnasium. As a substitute for climbing a mast, scaffolds have been assembled five levels tall. I am to represent my team in this contest. I scramble to the top and throw my leg over a steel pipe that represents a yardarm. Below, tables are arranged in rows on the floor. I see my team mates cheering and waving their white cloth hats. The second place winner joins me at the top. Now the scaffolds also hold banquet tables.  Surrounded by celebrating students, I turn to face a podium that stands on the top of a scaffold set perpendicular to the one on which I sit. My youngest son steps up to the podium and opens a laptop from which he reads. Instead of the expected valedictory speech, he presents an essay on the futility of passing through school. His ideas are disjointed and he puts no energy into their delivery. He quotes a friend who likes to sing “sittin on my ya-ya, wait for…crap. No.” he says and walks away from the speaker’s table. The scaffolds have melted into the floor level. All of the energy of the room has faded away. A professor shakes his head – not at the sentiment, but that the speaker has not taken the time to arrange his ideas into a persuasive whole.



  1. Great detail

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