Posted by: normanlgreen | May 1, 2012

Dream, May 1, 2012 the climbing park

Dream, home, 4:25 am

A tree reserve has been established in Central Alberta. I among dozens of other visitors enter the grove of birch and aspen through a gate where a speaker system welcomes us and explains the appeal of trees: “It is their horizontal branches that inspire us to climb them.”

We are encouraged to do so, and some children shinny-up the narrow trunks. Most of the adults pass through the maze of trails, gazing up at the youngsters. I love to climb and so reach for a stub of a broken branch on the right side of my chosen tree. As I do, I realize that I have been to this park before, have climbed this particular tree. I feel sad that this is one of the last places to do so.

Up among the more substantial branches, I am able to pass from one tree to another. As I grab onto one trunk, I find it is a log that has been stood up among the living trees. It shifts under my weight, but rolls into the crook where two limbs come from a healthy tree.


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