Posted by: normanlgreen | May 2, 2012

Dream, May 2, 2012 pertinent question

Dream, home, 5:33 am

Our family walks into a building — passing through the lobby of a movie theatre, but not wanting to buy tickets or see their show.  We are eyed with suspicion by the staff.

We ride an awkward narrow elevator to the second floor, where we emerge into a hallway lined with display shelves of knickknacks.  We turn on our heels and ride down.  Now the elevator has been shelved, so there is even less room for us.

We leave through the swinging glass door and pick-up longboards to ride to the base of the hill — half a block to the next corner.  Near the intersection we narrowly missing rolling into an outcropping of granite that sticks through the blac top of the road.  the street on appears to join the arterial road it intersects.  The stone barrier has been left to warn people that they approach a sharp-edged curb.

A voice behind us: “who can hear but for listening?”


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