Posted by: normanlgreen | May 3, 2012

Dream, May 3, 2012 dynamite, car flips, political agenda

Dream, home, 3:22 am

Dynamite duo – she steals the old man’s white car with the owner inside – kidnapping him and driving to his own house.  I follow.  The hill is too steep.  The front wheels cannot keep contact, so the car flips over backwards.   My car bounces back onto its wheels.  By mentally lifting the rear axle as I drive, I make it on the second try. It is night when I make it to the old man’s house.  I trick a guard into letting me into unlocking the back door, so I can get inside.

In the kitchen I discover that our home-made explosives reproduce chemically and double in size. Where I had one hand full, now I have two. There is no way to stop the process short of exploding the materials. We have to use the stuff or risk being blown up through sheer quantity.


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