Posted by: normanlgreen | May 5, 2012

Dream, May 5, 2012 change of scenery

Dream, home, 6:40 am
Green branches of softwood extend above my head. I harvest them with a pocket knife. The blade passes through the wood, near the trunk, as though the tree were made of clay.
Later: Garine stages a play in a mid-sized theatre, which she has rented for the occasion. I work as stage hand, setting the stage with minimal dressing.
During the night between the two performances, we are to break into the theatre’s set warehouse and assemble a Mexican village that is in storage. We know that the theatre owners will disapprove and that the audience will be confused by the unexplained setting, yet the director is determined. I sweep nails that have fallen to the stage.
Yet later: Sharing a hotel suite with a small group of men and women. One man with long red hair (Ken?) has recorded our activities into spiral notebooks. He uses a fountain pen with brown ink. Our lives are rendered in sepia, but as he does so, the reality recedes. His record overtakes any other truth. His record creeps into the present, removing all other colors until we move about the rooms as rusty line drawings.


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