Posted by: normanlgreen | May 8, 2012

Dream, May 10, 2012 taxing party in the suburbs

Dream, home, 6:12 am

Party in the suburbs – many if not all of the guests are developmentally delayed. Some great conversations. A staged picture in costumes causes some distress as one of the subjects feels he has been slighted. I try to convince him to sit up front in his yellow dinosaur costume, but he is mad and turns his back then rolls on the driveway. He wants to be upset and to draw attention to himself. I tell him that if he is so upset, he should take himself away from the picture.

Eventually, all of the party goes off to join various family members on a ski outing. They walk or ride away uphill, away from the setting sun, which shines behind me.

As a farewell, one man, his brush-cut hair beginning to gray, tells me, “We might not want to get into politics, next time – I’m sickeningly green.” He shakes my hand.

Though I have enjoyed all the people, I am relieved to finally be alone.


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