Posted by: normanlgreen | May 12, 2012

Dream, May 12, 2012 Guard the Warehouse

Dream, home, 4:33 am

We guard an old wooden warehouse, a converted barn with white-washed exterior. The county is being invaded by a large army of determined forces.

Inside, the barn is open to two and half stories and contains a loosely packed assemblage of tall objects – ladders and cranes on wheeled platforms, and a panel van. The space is only lit by the sun when the high doors have been slid back, so it is difficult for me to see what all we protect. We love this place and consider it home.

Word comes to us that the invading force will overwhelm us. We must empty the warehouse and retreat from our home. Our group works with determination, loading trucks to take away that which is most valuable to us and what might be useful and dangerous in the control of the invaders. The sun goes down as the district officer who has commanded us comes to inspect our efforts. He is pleased by our progress, but is confused by some landscaping our people have performed.

To the east side of the old barn, there is a low rise of less than ten feet. Into this hillside, our people have begun excavation of a decorative pond. Above the dry depression of packed brown clay, we see an older garden with a gently sprinkling fountain – this area is lush with greenery, having been established in the previous generation. Between the newly dug pond and the warehouse, we have covered the lawns with six inches depth of a fine white sand. I explain to the uniformed officer that this is to protect the grass from the evacuation trucks and the marching boots of the invasion force.

“When we return, we will complete the garden.” I choke up at the thought that even while we prepare to evacuate, we plan for our return.


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