Posted by: normanlgreen | May 13, 2012

Dream, May 13, 2012 unstable film duplication

Dream, home,6:50 am

I am issued a special spool of film, a  small reel – less than 200 feet. I project it to see a jumble of images with a recurring shot of a man walking toward the camera. At times he comes close to the lens, but after a quick succession of other shots, he is seen further away, but always approaching.

Some sequences have been absurdly under-cranked, so at projection speed, time zips by at a frightening rate. Other sections have been double-printed, each frame printed twice in succession, to slow the action. Some of these have been double-printed again, so the action becomes a slowly advancing slide show. Some shots have been distressed, scratched and dented and torn. But always, the man advances on the camera, now near, now far, now somewhere in between.

When the film is finished, I find that it has self-replicated, that there are two reels of approximately the same length, only one of them has been changed for my having projected and watched it. I will not get to see how I have changed the film by watching it. It is this way for everyone who receives one of these films. Each viewing calves a new film, and no two are the same.


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