Posted by: normanlgreen | May 14, 2012

Dream, may 14, 2012 Moose murder squad

Dream, home, 5:12 am

Three Moose have been shot and butchered in a field. Red patches of remains mark the spots.

Beside the middle patch, a landrover is parked and its door is open to the side of the blood stained grass. I climb into the truck and another man follows me. He and I work together on the investigation. Other team members circle the remains like homicide detectives.

After my partner and I are inside the vehicle, a moose with a massive rack of antlers comes plodding in our direction. The bull has come to make his own investigation. We cannot get the truck door closed in time to keep him out. He tilts his head so he can get first one side then the other of his antlers into the cab of the landrover. My partner climbs over the seat and into the back. The leading edge of the woody antler forces me against the driver’s side door. I gently take one edge of the antler in my hand, not wanting to startle the beast nor to give up all control. The moose, with slow determination pushes his head into the back and pulls his hind legs into the cab. He prepares to kick me with his back legs.


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