Posted by: normanlgreen | May 18, 2012

Dream, May 18, 2012 clutter & secret passages for gymnastics

Dream, home, 3:10 am

In the afternoon, an upstairs apartment. The windows on two sides face West and North, with the street outside oriented East to West. Friends have wired a drum kit with contact microphones. These mics have been fed into a mixing board that has differing effects associated with the various channels. None of the three of us are drummers, but with all of us beating on the wrong portions of the drums, we generate some interesting sounds. We are more interested in textures than in musical form. I take sticks to the rim on the face of the bass drum, then beat rapid triplets on the black lacquered sides of a piccolo snare. All of this is recorded for editing into artistic sequences that will be used as incidental music for a projected radio show.

Behind the drum set stands a set of modular shelves, heavy steel uprights and steel-rimmed composition board shelves. These stand in the middle of the room, with no wall to support them. One of our team stands up from playing on the kit. He steps back and bumps the shelves, which start to tip. I grab the gray frame to keep it from going over, but this does not prevent some of the contents from spilling onto the floor. I catch a few volumes of a third-rate encyclopedia. Some LPs spread across the floor. Sherwin has come into the room in time to see the accident. She is not pleased by the clutter. My drumming friends disappear as she and I talk. She says that part of the problem with the mess is that I buy too many used books that never get read. “You buy them at a dollar off price, just because you think you are getting a bargain. Then they pile up in here, unread.” I suggest that I could comb through them and sell any that I don’t want to read. She smirks and says, “That’s a likelihood.”

At the radio studio, we are ready to broadcast the first episode. Stan Laurel steps up to a spring mounted microphone on a stand. A voice behind me commands, “State your name.” Stan looks dazed and slightly off-balance. He blinks twice then speaks into the microphone in the voice of a guilty child. “Stanley Jefferson,” he says then waits for the next question.

Earlier: Addicus has joined a group of young men that inhabit a department store. They know all of the secret passages and get around the building by exploiting duct work in the ceilings and walls. The management noting their talent has hired Addicus to add visual interest to the store by leaping and tumbling through the passages onto the floor in unexpected, yet non-threatening ways.


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