Posted by: normanlgreen | May 20, 2012

Dream, May 20 2012 bad caretakers

Dream, home, 4:20 am

Our family has been asked to care for a large country home while its owners are away.

On our first night as caretakers, we poke around the rambling one-story home as though we were intruders, making very little noise, though there is no one else we might disturb. The nearest neighbors might be a half mile away, with a thick forest between the properties.

We are to sleep in a two bedroom guesthouse off to the side of the main dwelling house. Our son has gone off to the smaller bedroom on the other side a thin sheet-rock walls. When my wife and I lay on our bed, the slats break near the headboard – the mattress drops five inches at that end. We switch ends of the bed so our heads rest uphill. We are both frustrated and feel guilty about the breakage and the possibility that we disturbed our son’s sleep. There will be no rest, so while she goes off to take a shower, I return to the main house.

I find the door unlocked, slightly ajar. The hanging lamps light the lower half of all the rooms. A group of retired baseball players – all in their seventies and eighties – have taken up residency. They smoke and drink and carry on as though they were conventioneer guests in a hotel. They insist on my joining them in a back room where a card game is in play. They want me to sit and drink with them as we plan the next phase of the operation. I humor them for a while before slipping out the back door through which I had entered.

Out in the garden low lamps hidden among the ferns and frond plants light the path. Close to a multi-car garage, a TV set from the 1980s has been setup in a flowerbed. It plays continuously, with the sound turned off – it can be watched from the picture window of the living room, where sound presumably plays.

I walk the pebbled path back to the guesthouse. Inside, my wife paces between the textured white walls.


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