Posted by: normanlgreen | May 21, 2012

Dream, May 21, 2012 the bottom of the shaft

Dream, home, 6:10 am

Three of us, a man a woman and myself, in a slow fall down the grain elevator. We have time to mention that we are falling.  Pass shelves of cushions, one big blue pillow covers the floor at the bottom. I crawl under the lowest shelf to our left and find a parallel shaft. It has empty shelves which will make for easier climbing, but none of the light switches turn on the bulbs on this side. Dust and cobwebs, peeling paint, splintery wood. Looking up, the shaft disappears into darkness.  I feel we must climb up, even into the dark.

When I come back to the side down which we fell, the other two have found a door and left through it. I push one of the painted double doors to find it opens to the parking lot of an office complex. The other two have stepped out for a cigarette and have run into old friends. Why had no one told me?

Stepping around the building, we find a zoo for movie stars. Their homes have been transported intact into large pits surrounded by moats. Two separations of fences keep the zoo visitors from getting into the habitat. A woman claims we have permission to climb through, so we do so.


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