Posted by: normanlgreen | May 23, 2012

Dream, May 23, 2012 the family fissure

Dream, home, 5:04am

We arrive at a parking lot at the south-west corner of FM 1960 and I-45 north of Houston. Mary and her daughter sit expectantly in the back seat. Mary says, “There is a crack that runs through our family and out across the world.” She asks, “Can you see it?” I twist in my seat to look back. It is the end of golden hour and soft amber light spills through the window in the door to the right of Mary. She shadows her daughter, but I can see a thin black line the runs at an angle across their faces. I think it is a hair stuck to my glasses. I remove and clean them, put them back on, but the thin black line still cuts across both of their faces. Further the crack extends through the car door. Outside, the crack shows as a puckered fissure in the blacktop. The line runs at a diagonal across the Road and into the supporting structure of the freeway overpass. We agree that if they stay in the car and I follow the line across to the freeway, we will have proven its significance – it may even be captured by surveillance cameras. I drape a heavy blanket over my shoulders as I cross the parking lot. I dodge traffic crossing FM 1960, reach the parking lot of a gas station/convenience store just as the sun goes down. The parking lot lights show the relief of the crack as it runs up the slope of the overpass. I suppose that the crack runs across the free way and down the other side. There is no guessing if or where it ends.


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