Posted by: normanlgreen | May 24, 2012

Dream, May 24, 2012 le voyage dans la lune

Dream, home, 5:00am

I participate in the Lunar Conspiracy. It is not that we never went to the moon, that we faked the television footage in a studio to cover up for the impracticability of the trip. The real conspiracy disguises the fact that we have established bases on the moon by the time Apollo 11 is televised. The poor quality video footage shown to the public is intentionally degraded. The cameras are positioned not to reveal the two men already living an easy life on the moon’s surface.

Further, when I leave the lunar module, I see that one of the residents breaths easily without a helmet. He wears a close-tailored blue jumpsuit and the skullcap worn beneath the pressure suit’s helmet. The extra light gravity is real, as I can take long steps– a pleasant sensation. I reach down to the crusty surface, break through it with my bare hand and lift a palm full of gray dust and thin black cinders.




  1. I love this dream.

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