Posted by: normanlgreen | May 28, 2012

Dream, May 28, 2012 debased students & broken teeth

Dream, home, 6:01am

On a painfully bright afternoon, students have been chosen by their teachers to display their suntans. Wearing bathing suits, we are marched up a long exterior staircase that climbs the hill into the neighborhood above the school. Each of us is recognized for our unique attributes and announced by our new titles instead of our names.

The PA system blares out the new name of the young man before me “Mr. Handsome.” He is broad-shouldered and good-looking in the surfer mold. He and “Miss Beautiful” march back down the hill, he on the right hand side of the walkway’s center handrail and she on the left. A few observers stand in the grass on either side of the concrete stairs. Some houses back up onto the walkway – people half attentive while leading their suburban lives.

At the top of the stairs, stands a covered shelter like a carport. It is here that the students wait their turn to go on display. I suppose that I am “Mr. We’re-Not-Sure-About-Him” as it never seems to be my turn. I realize that my teachers have sent me up here out of pity. I will receive a free dental checkup. Oddly, my dentist is W. C. fields – seemingly sober, but not quite competent. He takes a long time probing in my mouth with the twisted pick. He uses compressed air to test my sensitivity. “That chipped incisor will be an issue,” he says, “but of more immediate concern is the cracked molar.” I wince as he blasts my broken teeth with the cold air.

At last, it is my turn to descend the series of concrete stairs that are spaced with ten foot stretches of sidewalk – the walkways at a fifteen degree decline, the stairs at thirty. But night has come, in fact it is now in the pre-dawn hours. All of the people have left. I make my slow decent by moonlight.


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