Posted by: normanlgreen | June 4, 2012

Dreams, June 4, 2012 pirate king & shifting togography

Dream, home,  4:05am

Pirate father returns early to surprise us. Farcical run around.  Hiding the evidence of neglect.

6:15 am

night driving — unfinished work in the back of the car. Return to the old shop at the corner of State and Holly. Dawn light cloudy. The hill has flipped. Where it once went uphill at the back of the building, it now drops down at the same degree — the intersection of Holly and Forest is now in a trough.

Doug and Carol have spread newsprint catalogs for a community college on the road in a panicked attempt to get them folded. On foot, they run into the next intersection and are almost hit by in inattentive motorist. Both look terrified by the close call.


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