Posted by: normanlgreen | June 5, 2012

Dream, June 5, 2012 Cat in charge of the archives

Dream, home, 3:33am

Another printer’s dream:  Nansa, our oldest cat, has been put in charge of some of our customers’ art for forms. She decided to store these hardcopy (paper) originals by rolling them and placing them into tubes. The tubes have been standing in puddles of water.

A gluey mass has formed in the puddles and all of the artwork has slid down each of the pages, so the forms, when reproduced, will vary in height. The cat points out that the ones that have been shortened are of less importance, so it will make it more clear which form one is working with – something like countries that vary the size of their currency so you know the value of the bank note based on its size.

To prevent further shrinkage, we scan the materials – the cat has her own system of organization, so we name the electronic files nansa-2372, nansa-8650, etc.


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