Posted by: normanlgreen | June 6, 2012

Dream, June 6, 2012 the riff arrives & pieces fall into place

Dream, home, 5:05 am

Working as a roadie for a soul review traveling show. Most of the acts have had a hit single, but a male trio have so far missed the mark – their records go unreleased or unnoticed. In rehearsal they have developed a funky little groove number, so infectious that it hurts.

I prepare the stage for the taping of a television show. The stage floor has a pattern of giant jigsaw puzzle with every other piece missing. The girl group finishes up with a soft and sexy soul number reminiscent of the Supremes. Between takes, I finish dressing the stage by tossing smaller versions of the puzzle pieces – printed with shiny swirls of purple and cream. These I use to fill in the spaces between the giant ones. Some land upside down to reveal the unpainted undersides of yellow foam. I am excited for the group, because I understand that this new song will be their break-out, that this television exposure will push them to the top.


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