Posted by: normanlgreen | June 8, 2012

Dream, June 8, 2012 skipping school & prowling cars

Dream, home, 5:30am

Driving down Harris Ave., the harbor on my right.  I see  a group of three boys, just approaching their teen years, standing on the left side of the road.  The smallest appears to be the ring leader.  He leans passed a parked car and looks into the road furtively. I think, they should be in school at this hour. They do not notice me – I am just another driver in another car – as they dash across the road.

I roll passed them and pull to the curb. Late morning light pours into my driver’s side window. I look into the side mirror to watch as they open the doors of a parked sedan. A police officer walks up behind them and begins talking with the leader. I hear the boy’s voice from a distance, “oh, yes, it’s ours.” At first he pretends to be bored by the policeman, but his gestures get broader with irritation.

I get out of the car and face the escalating conflict. The officer reaches behind himself and pulls out a shiny pair of steel handcuffs. As I approach the group, he has taken the young man by the left wrist and snaps the first cuff into place. While at the beginning, the three boys looks to be of middle school age, now they are fully grown men, their arms stringy with twenty-year-old muscles. The baby fat has dropped from their faces as they hiss at the arresting officer.


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