Posted by: normanlgreen | June 12, 2012

June 12, 2012 pre-dawn road accident

NO Dream, home. 3:45 am

Have spent the last 45 minutes trying to regain sleep after a jolt. One of the cats had been scratching at the back door to be let out – but as there were two windows open from which any of them could come or go, I did not get up to serve. What did bring me fully awake was the feeling of Sherwin hitting our bed as she returned to our room. I sat up to find her furiously pulling on a pair of pants. “Someone has been hit,” she said. I followed her into the front of the house. Through the front windows, I saw car headlights pointing up the street to the West and another set pointed at the house to the South. Our street-side door screeched open – never has fit the frame well. Sherwin called to the people surrounding the two cars, “Do we need to call someone?” She asked again, more deliberately. The people in the street must have answered with a “what?” or two that I could not hear. I woke my cell phone and put in the ear piece in preparation of dialing 911, thinking that the land line would tell the dispatcher our location automatically, but would not give me the freedom to walk to where the accident had taken place. I asked Sherwin if I should call. She relayed that the people outside claimed not to need for us to call for help. I put on pants, thinking we would walk into the street and confirm that no one needed an ambulance. Sherwin laughed that she too had almost run out without her pants. I joined her at the picture window. The headlights repeated in the waves of the 90-year-old glass. Two heads with LED headlamps bobbed across the road and then disappeared into the front seat of a car that had been parked in the gravel space of the duplex across the street. This car backed into the road and drove off to the East in no rush. The LED lamps, still lit on the heads of the driver and passenger, glowed blue-white in the front seat. The other car stood half-pulled into the ditch in front of our fence. It idled with its headlights pointing West. Sherwin told me how she had come out of our room at the sound of squealing brakes. She said that when she looked out, someone had been lying in the road, but that a moment later that person had been helped to his feet and taken to the car parked across the street – the car that had left. At that, the second car pulled fully onto the road and drove West. Sherwin and I returned to bed. My neck, which had been out of whack when I lay down at 11 the previous evening, had grown more stiff and sore. I tried to arrange the pillow to support my head. Nansa, our oldest cat and no doubt the one who had been scratching for assistance, became very affectionate. Nothing would do but for her to stretch-out on my pillow, purr motor at full throttle. My face ticked with her fine fur. With little shifts, she succeeded in taking over the pillow as I experimented with different positions, hoping that a stable cradle would allow my spine to ease into the correct alignment. Instead, I got up and flipped the switch on the coffee maker – I’d have been up in a couple of hours at any rate.


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