Posted by: normanlgreen | June 13, 2012

Dream, June 13, 2012 divided natures & The Cream

Dream, home, 5:00 am

Plot influenced by “The Stand” : reduced human population. Distrust between people. Even if one states which side they are on – and few do – who is to believe it? Even amongst “married” couples, there are glances of distrust, constant measuring of motives. Yet people pair up, set themselves side-by-side like bills in a wallet.

6:00 am in a cramped record store, some label representatives and record hawkers follow the three member of The Cream. The guys in the band look uncomfortable as they are accosted by executives pushing them to make more records faster. Ginger Baker signs an LP for me with a blue ball point, but he says nothing. I can’t tell if he is medicated or deeply depressed. The boys from marketing prattle and push – more product, more like the last one, more like Disraeli Gears. As they all leave the store, I express my sympathy to the clerk. He is jaded and says that bands get what they ask for when they go for so much fame. I tell him that the Cream is disintegrating. He calls them a three-headed beast with one brain. I counter that there are three brains and they travel on three divergent tracks. Another customer laughs and chants in Welsh – seemingly in imitation of a cut off their new record.


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