Posted by: normanlgreen | June 21, 2012

Dream, June 21 2012 – red wine & threatened ducklings

Dream, home,
Sitting across from a woman at a party, she on one couch, a long coffee table between us, and then I am seated on the opposite couch. She talks about an experience she had while she was drunk – she holds a bourbon with ice. As I listen to her story, I pick up a glass of red wine and take a mouthful – a portion rolls down my throat before I think to spit it back into the stemmed glass. A friend behind me shouts, “Jesus, Norman just took a drink!” a couple of others join in with shock. I am furious and swear like a fisherman.
Later – walk through the Sehome section of South State St.   I step over ducks with fuzzy yellow ducklings. A Bernese puppy rounds them up and all join our march inland – we come to narrow back alley. A white stucco garage — decayed and mold stained – stands between our band and the house of a man I consider dangerous. Will the ducks be safe from him? Will I?


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