Posted by: normanlgreen | June 23, 2012

Dream, June 22, 2012 nap without respite

Dream, home 9:30 pm nap

Prepare for a big party in a wide-open studio apartment of many hundred square feet. A cart of folding tables is rolled in. An older friend struggles to unload it. I hesitate, then participate. Another cart of mixed designs of couches is rolled in. As I help to position a red, u-shaped couch, the attached cushions become tangled. The hostess is furious with me. She storms out. In a short while, the house detective, a bald man under five feet tall, quietly escorts her in through the front door and takes her to her bedroom, which she enters with head hung in shame. He closes the door and glances at his pocket watch. There is discussion at the party of a new mood altering prescription drug that is advertised outside of dance clubs and is to be used by the military.

I march with a thousand other infantry troops. Sandy yellow road and gray sky. I help to load a special blue canister shell into the read of a howitzer as it rolls along. There is a flatbed truck with a canvas tarp driving slowly in front of the howitzer’s cart. I try to tilt the muzzle of my cannon above the truck, but cannot get the elevation, so I aim it over to the side. The projected range of the shot is to be three-quarters of a mile, but when I fire the howitzer, the shell spins out of the barrel, with little force. The canister moves slowly enough that I can see it spin end over end and fall to the right-hand side of our road, not fifty yards ahead. The canister sprays a gas of the afore-mentioned mood altering drug – it is reported to eliminate all aggressive tendencies. Our troops will now be the ones who are effected by the gas. Two men in hazmat suits – white with red accents – shoo the crowd of soldiers to the far side of the road – as if this would offer any protection.


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