Posted by: normanlgreen | June 26, 2012

Last year’s dream June 26, 2011 dream about the movie about the dream about the movie

Sherwin and I stay at a hotel where there is a film being shot. It features a tall young man what has had his hair dyed a silvery purple for the role. Their film concerns late high school age.

Sherwin is interested in observing the shoot, so after a brief encounter with the actor, he leaves and gets into a chugging 70’s model car that is part of the film. He roars past us on his way to the set. We see him stop for a security check – or perhaps it is a little scene. Sherwin wants to follow and watch their shoot.

We creep up beside the building where they film an exterior. We enter the building through a glass door and stay out of the camera’s view while we join others sitting on a floor in a hallway that has a glass partition between us and another room of the same size where the hand-held camera is being carried closer to the actors. A woman assistant director looks over her shoulder at us with a bit of a dirty look.

The characters have improvised a basketball hoop and are taking turns running toward it and scoring by stuffing wadded tee-shirts. The purple-haired actor takes his turn. Something about his appearance or the over the shoulder look from the AD releases a stream of sentences from Sherwin. I tell her that they can pick up her voice with the microphone. She says that she does not care. I hold up my hands, turn and walk away down the long halls. Sherwin stays and continues to talk.

Next we host a huge party – part 2 of another party wherein our guests watched the first half of the movie we have seen in production– the half with laughs. Now to watch the rest of the film – shown on a large screen at the end of a long dining hall with a series of tables stretching from the screen to the back of the hall. Many guests move silently in and out – they are mostly adults, but with smaller groups of school-aged kids.

The story on the screen has the host of a large party – barely distinguishable from our own gathering – in the film the host shows a film of family videos to his guests, using a large screen at the end of their dining hall. The footage on the screen within the screen is a jumble of life events including a birthday party for the short-haired host who has been given a couple of 1/4 scale model cars that he can wear like a cartoon character wears a barrel, strapped to his shoulder. He and others play on a large yard, bashing into each other.

On the screen within the screen, a video of the missing hostess appears. She holds a candle that makes a ball of fuzzy yellow light before her within a dark room. Via the camera she instructs her husband to read a prayer she has prepared for him. We all want her to appear in person, but know that she will not, that she is gone forever. Sherwin chokes on a tear. I turn around and face her. I can see that she wants to ask me to turn it off, but cannot. Our guests move in silence, dishing vegetables from platters onto plates. I whisper the question of whether I should turn it off. It is Sherwin’s call and she cannot make it. The woman on the screen has been gone and this is her way of saying that she will not return, ever.



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