Posted by: normanlgreen | June 29, 2012

Dream, June 29, 2012 all the people all the time

Dream, home, 6:20 am

A couple brings a case of paper to me, carrying tales of disappointment: They had been promised a low price and a short delivery time to have all of it printed. When they took it to the vendor, they were told that the project was impossible.

I want to please them, so promise to do my best. As soon as they leave, the art work disappears, and my building disappears. They had provided an example of a poster cut with diagonal slots through which each sheet was to be fed. This also disappears.

My wife and I drive through town and to a crossroads. On the Northeast corner, a building has been demolished, partially cleared away, and a lumpy parking lot, just large enough for three cars, has been paved. The blacktop is new and slick with morning dew, and shows signs of debris that was not cleared away, but sealed under the paving.

We have trouble not sliding off the surface which slopes away from the middle on all sides. We set up an unlevel table, leaving enough space for a car to pull up beside us – this is for our customers. Still, it is dangerous for anyone to stand, so I search for the paper left with us, so that we can roll some of it out across the slippery blacktop. I hear a car approach.


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