Posted by: normanlgreen | July 11, 2012

Dream, July 11, 2012 lost in too little space

Dream, home, 4:30 am

Pestered by cell phone calls – copier dealer convinced that I will buy machinery from him. Rainy day. At last I tell him to run some numbers so I can make a final decision. He calls back to tell me that the purchase will cost me just over twice what I am currently paying. I respond that I would have to be a fool. He wants to bring me a machine on loan to see if I will like it – the puppy dog close – I agree to get him off the line.

Out in the back parking lot, many cars are lined up with their drivers in place. What are they waiting for? The salesman arrives with a friend. They climb out of a little two-door car, stumbling drunk. They each gather an arm-load of cardboard boxes with disassembled machine and start-up supplies.

Inside, my salesman introduces his partner, a big man from East Texas. They ask after my book, how many characters, etc. I ask if the big old boy is working on a book. He is – set in Texas. He asks to see some of my work. I look for a USB drive on which I have the work archived. This storage device is shaped like my cub scout flashlight from my childhood – ivory, blue and red. We cannot find it. Too much material has been shifted around the shop.


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