Posted by: normanlgreen | July 20, 2012

Dream, July 20 Orson Wells as Dr. Seuss

Dream, home, early evening nap

Put together a galley of a new book for a man who might be Orson Wells. He titled his book “one fish, two fish” & thinks the title clever and original – some secret message encoded. He speaks with a smokey voice and a coughing laugh.

Take it by car south of I-5 , miss my exit and pull off the freeway to return one exit North. Instantly, the car is gone and I am a pedestrian in the civic core of some county seat – big courthouse to the West of me walking the sidewalk in the late afternoon light.

A woman recognizes me in the street, surprised that I am delivering so far South. I explain that I have business with the attorneys in the town and with the court system. We enter the courthouse. Someone in the lobby needs a pair of scissors. One of the staff comes from behind a line of caged teller windows to lend a pair. I descend by an escalator.



  1. Have you worked out what this means?

    • no, boss, i do no formal analysis, but the is a woman in the UK doing some detailed work on that order. her wordpress blog is at
      thanks for taking the time to read this stuff.


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