Posted by: normanlgreen | July 23, 2012

dream, July 23, 2012 stunt driver for an idiot

Dream, home, 5:08am

As part of a longer story line, I am asked to drive a little green coupe in a strange stunt. The director operates his own camera from a position half way up a pebble finish driveway. His story requires that I drive my car backwards through the open doors of a larger vehicle – some large capacity van that is parked at the foot of the driveway from which he films.

This sort of shot is a specialty of the director and he has very specific ideas in his head . These ideas are hard to translate into the three-dimensional world.  I manage to drive through one time, but the director imagined that I would weave through the opening, starting at an angle as I enter the street side door of the van. I ask that we film it with me driving forward through the stunt, with the notion of reversing the film in the editing process, this making it easier for me to make the tight maneuvers while driving the one vehicle through the other.

This would cheat on the realism for which the director is known.  I want to quit.


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