Posted by: normanlgreen | August 1, 2012

Dream, August 1, 2012 visiting president’s kettle

Dream, home, 6:10 am

The office manager gives me a place to rest and recuperate after a long trip. She walks me down a short hall with glass-fronted work areas, all of which stand to the left side. They offer isolation, but not privacy. The office to which I am assigned has a couch for me to sleep. I settle down for a nap when the sound of several people in animated conversation comes from the hallway. I look out my door and see the former US President GWB and a small entourage. Like me, they have arrived in the night by plane. W and his crowd joke and confer as they make their way to the office one door down from my space. Half of the lights have been turned off at night, so people move from lighter to darker patches as they move through the building.

I lay back down on my couch and prepare to sleep when I hear the whistle of a steam kettle. The sound continues. I know that it comes from W’s office and realize that they have left him alone – he probably does not know what to do with a whistling kettle. I stand up and step from my space and into the open door of the former President. He sits on the couch, watching TV with the sound down low. I pass in front of the set to unplug the kettle. I turn to offer to brew him a cup. Now several people have joined him on the couch, while others have settled on the floor to watch the news. I must be traveling as a journalist, as I have no interest in joining them.




  1. I don’t know…wouldn’t a journalist want to sit down in hopes of gleaning a few candid quotes? Perhaps your lack of interest derives from another source.

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